A Big Reminder. Big.

I am getting the impression that many in the class are not particularly good at reading assignments.  Some of you are awesome and deserve pats on the back.  If you are a pat getter, nothing else in this post will be relevant to you.

In the blog set-up assignment, it specifically says:

  1. Add Your Site to the List: To receive your participation points for creating your blog, please post your blog address on the “Student Blogs” Page in the comments. Please be sure you put your name and the complete URL. If you are unfamiliar with posting links, see this article on the proper way to publish links.
  2. Create an Identity: On your site, go to the Administration Screens (backend – through the Admin Bar at the top, hover over your site title and click “Dashboard” or one of the other options in the list) and go to Users > My Profile and fill in the information.
    1. Write a short paragraph about who you are in the About You section.
    2. Click the Gravatar icon and upload an image of yourself. When you comment on a WordPress blog, the image will appear in the comments. The image is linked to the email address you used to register your site.
    3. Click Update Profile to save the information.

The assignment is due in one hour and fifteen minutes and the list of student blogs has 19 entries.  Our class has 25 people enrolled in it.  Those people who have not notified me of their blog correctly will not be getting points for setting it up or for submitting their first entry.  It is harsh, but it is also something that has been available to every member of the class in writing for 5 days AND it has been covered in class.

I sincerely hope that this post is irrelevant by midnight and the remainder of the missing links are posted in time.


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